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§ From ancient Celtic melodies to contemporary love ballads, along with creatively spun originals ~ Shari's music will delight, intrigue, soothe, and bring you to joyful tears.  Her over 40 years of musical experience brings with it an abundant repertoire that has been nurtured and molded to bring her listeners close at heart.  The heavenly strains of the Celtic harp along with Shari's inspiring vocals will at times allow you to peer into the depths of her soul! §


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Wisconsin's Official State Ballad ~


    ♫ Oh Wisconsin, Land Of My Dreams


In the late 1920's a farm girl from Juneau County, Erma Howland Barrett, took out her journal and wrote a beautiful poem about Wisconsin.  In October 1993, Shari took her grandmother's heartfelt words and set them to music in a song entitled, "Oh Wisconsin, Land of My Dreams."  Erma's love of her lifelong home in Wisconsin is echoed by many others who have called Wisconsin their home.  Their life stories and loving memories remain with us in the sweet refrains of "Oh Wisconsin, Land of My Dreams."


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State Ballad Video

Shari’s vast musical experience and exposure to many different musical influences, is reflected in the large array of songs she can present to her listeners.  Traditional & old standards, classical, Broadway show tunes, Sacred, easy-listening, folk, Celtic, world, contemporary, are just a few of the genres she relies on for her musical selections.  She blends these musical styles and tunes with her own original songs and arrangements to create memorable performances for her listeners. And at times, Shari has been known to bring along her ukulele and sing a few good ‘ole Irish drinking songs as well! Her listeners are never disappointed!


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